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Rowan is an Egyptian-born, Canadian-raised and Berlin-based copywriter, creating things for the likes of Kia, Hyundai, Anne Frank Haus and Prime Video at Innocean Berlin.

She’s warm at an arm's length away. Cultural and liberal. A hodgepodge of contradiction, which makes for exciting fiction.

She thinks of herself as a sponge and then a storyteller. Because of her limitless child-like curiosity, Rowan loves to get her hands dirty in the creative process. She goes to great lengths beyond her role as a copywriter to satisfy her art and design cravings. Her style is emotional and bold, with a splash of sarcasm. She has a fetish for authentic crafting and bringing new meaning to any raw material.

She is both passionate and compassionate. Through her personal experiences and continuous exposure to various cultures, she has gained an understanding heart. Over her years at OCAD U and Miami Ad School, she has gained a focused mind. Separate, they spark inspiration. Together, they ignite change.

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Professional experience

July 2021 -               Innocean Berlin
Present.                   Copywriter
_                               Kia, Hyundai, Prime Video, Anne Frank Haus, WBF?

March 2020 -           Voltage // DDB Berlin
April 2021.               Copywriter
_                               Volkswagen, Telekom, DFB, Terre des Femmes

March 2019 -           Voltage // DDB Berlin
March 2020             Junior Copywriter                                            
_                               Volkswagen, Reporters Without Borders

Oct 2018 -               Voltage // DDB Berlin
March 2019             Creative Copywriting Intern
_                               Volkswagen, Kings of Indigo, Reporters Without Borders

 Jun 2015 -             JWT Cairo
Oct 2015                Creative Copywriting Intern
_                              Vodafone, Redbull, Egyptian Tourism Authority, CIB bank

Awards & Recognition 

2022.   Gerety Panel Talk speaker - On German Creativity 

2022.   Cannes Glass Lion Shortlist - The Vulva Spaceship

2022.   Cannes Social & Influencer Shortlist  - The Vulva Spaceship

2022.   Cannes Content Creation & Production Shortlist -  The Vulva Spaceship

2021.   Gerety Executive Jury 

2019.   The One Show - Silver Pencil - Full-time Dad 

2019.   Communication Arts - Full-time Dad  

2019.   Creative Conscience  Full-time Dad  

2019.   The One Show - Bronze ADC Cube - Full-time Dad

2019.   Miami Ad School Berlin - Silver - Unrolled Pre-rolls

2018.   DDB Berlin Gold brief winner - Reporters Without Borders


2018.   ADC Canada - ADC Awards Silver - Shazam Lingo

2017.4 Top Dog Miami Ad School 

2016.   Master Presenter / Top 10 of class of 2016  -  OCAD U thesis

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