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Every four years, something powerful comes around. That turns the whole world upside down. To celebrate Kia's partnership with the FIFA World Cup, we 

created a campaign that paid tribute to all the inspiring moves, big or small, that people make during the World Cup. 


Strengthening the brand’s ethos of “Movement that inspires” ahead of the tournament. The main film “Every Four Years” takes viewers on an emotional journey through different parts of the world. Resonating with the mass by shedding light on all the various rituals that come out every four years, while serving as a reminder that during the World Cup, everyone, football fan or not, is capable of inspiring things.


my role: copy, concept, set designer at time, extra cast and all things production. 

We extended the campaign to social media, which was shared across the world in various formats. Shorter films, as well as stories and posts were thoroughly tailored to further praise this inspiring movement online.

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