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You'll Never Feel Alone


It all started as a joke in attempt to cheer my father up right after finding out he was tested positive for Coronavirus. The Premier League was on pause, but we talked about it non-stop. We dreamt about Liverpool winning the title after 30 years of trying. The only thing that kept us going was the hope in our heart. 

Liverpool’s “anthem” has always taken pride in the power of togetherness. 

So I rewrote the original song, to serve as a new light in 2020's darkest hour.  


my role: concept, direction, copy & a fair share of tears.


Dad & I - December 2020. It has been a year since I've last seen him. 

We happily walked - together. 




CW: Rowan El-Goweiny

AD: Alice Rotelli

Vocals: Mohamed Hassan

Sound Mastering: Abdelrahman Abed


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